strzegom bazylika

Strzegom is a historic town in South-West part of Poland in Lower Silesia region. The beginnings of Strzegom reach back to X century. The most known centrepiece here is Minor Basilica- one of the biggest and most beautiful at Lower Silesia.

Nowadays, Strzegom is mainly known as the granite capital of Poland- the greatest quarry and stone cutting centre supplying granite for building industry in Poland and Europe. Central Railway Station in Warsaw, Cologne Cathedral Square and Hague House of Justice are made out of Strzegom granite.

Strzegom has a long and magnificent breeding, horse racing and equestrian traditions. In mid-50’s Strzegom Horse Stud has been founded to specialize in breeding Silesian Horses and Thoroughbreds. Horses bred in this stud won a number of races and the stud itself was one of the biggest in Europe. Strzegom is still a very active equestrian and horse breeding area. There are several equestrian centres, both training and breeding, and a number of equestrian events are organized every year including World Cup Final and European Championships.