sht wolontariatDo you have some free time? Do you like to be active? Do you want to be a part of great sport event? Do you love equestrian and an atmosphere of an event? Do you want to have a closer look at the very best eventing riders and horses?
If yes- JOIN US- help us to organize the top level competition! Become a volunteer at Strzegom Horse Trials 2017!

sht2017 soc 600x600 entriesFEI entry system for this year, fifteenth edition of the Strzegom Horse Trials is open.
The competition will be held earlier this year - from 17th till 21st of May.
There will be played six international competitions: CICO-NC3 * / CCI3 *, CIC2* / CCI2 * and CIC1* / CCI1 *. A closing date for definite entries is 17th of April.
Schedule >>>

logo sht małeStrzegom Horse Trials 2017 is coming closer- there’s only 100 days left till this year event.
As a result of European Championships in August, the Strzegom Horse Trials will take place in May this year (17th-21stMay).
It will be a jubilee15th edition!!!

sht2017 soc 600x600Strzegom 2017 is not only all about European Championships in Eventing in August - there are also three others great international events, which take place here for years - Strzegom Horse Trials in a total new date - in May, Strzegom Autumn Show in September and Strzegom October Festival in October.

NC winnersOnce every now and then, the weather actually behaves just as you wish and today was one of those days. Just a tiny bit of rain in the morning and then perfect cool temperature and bits of sun all day. Pretty much what we all needed after being baked in the sun the last few days.

Ludwig Three words that quite summarize the day. Whilst the rest of Europe is experiencing both thunder, lightning and massive rainfalls, Strzegom keeps experiencing exotic weather. Truly it feels like we have been relocated to Italy or Greece with temperatures well above 30 degrees and striking sunshine. Surely the slightly cooling wind at the XC was very appreciated at today’s event. Lots of ice cream also helped.