May 10, 2018
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It’s getting hot

This year Strzegom Horse Trials is getting closer and it’s getting hot in Strzegom - a true summer has come, there are some serious works on a cross country course and we’ve got first entries.
April 27, 2018
News Marta Wójcik

Olympic Format Test at the Strzegom Horse Trials 2018!!!

FEI entry system for this year, sixteenth edition of the Strzegom Horse Trials is open. The competition will be held from 28th of June till 1st of July. There will be run six international competitions: CICO-NC3*/CCI3 *, CIC/CCI2 *, CIC/CCI1 * and for the…
March 07, 2018
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News Marta Wójcik

Strzegom in new version!!!

The eventing season in Poland starts soon. The opening competition will take place in Strzegom that will host as many as five international and seven national eventing shows in 2018. Most the events repeat annually for years and have a secured place in…
December 04, 2017
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News Marta Wójcik

Strzegom 2018

In 2018 there will be as many as 8 eventing shows at Hippodrome in Strzegom. First eventing competition is planned at the end of March and the season will finish as usual in the middle of October.A very first event in the calendar will be National Competition…

LW1 2442After the very intense heatwave during the event in mid-June 2016, we are thrilled to have close to perfect conditions starting off this year’s event!
Sunny weather, app 25 degrees with a bit of a breeze keeping horses, riders, officials, volunteers and spectators in happy mood. We love it and fingers crossed it will last all week.


Today has been all about getting all the bits and pieces together as the Ground Jury members has been doing the XC course walk during the day, together with our own course designer Marcin Konarski. Can you believe it, it´s 15 years since it all got started and truly it has grown to something quite extraordinary?
As often with Marcin´s XC courses there are many aspects to consider and focus is key. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a short 1* or a long 3*, both horse and rider will have to be on their toes (or their hooves) because in this state of the art course the fences turn up fast and there are many twists and turns.

Listening in to the ground jury members during today’s XC course walk we can honestly say we have a great week ahead of us. As one of the jury members concluded – “it´s a proper test” and that goes both horse and rider. This XC is strong, solid, technical with lots of corners and demands a full focus from start to finish. A small breather is included but then it´s back to business again for the second half of the courses. The Water complexes are generous with lots of fences coming swiftly at the riders both in and out and will leave no room for hesitation. All in all – a XC that surly has the Konarski design all the way.

Today also included the start of CIC 2* dressage with some 25 riders starting today and another app 45 riders tomorrow following in the same class. After the first day, we have to take our hats off to the German riders who managed 6 out of the 8 top positions with Kai Rüder both in 1st and 2nd position followed by Jan Kaminski in 3rd. Now, that was today and tomorrow is new day. With scores, just below 70 % it will surely be several riders hoping to give the top 10 from today a good run for the money. We look forward to see more of the IPEA Trophy CIC2* starting tomorrow morning as it´s promising to be quite exciting!

Finishing of today is the first horse inspection for the CI Long 3* and last but not least the DRAW for the FEI NATIONS CUP 1st leg that starts Friday – so exciting and we really look forward to this!

To give you a taste of what´s ahead, here´s some fact for the week:
261 horses / entries from 18 countries. 6 XC courses from CI-short 1* to CI-long 3* and Nations Cup jumping a total of 140 fences, all being sponsored by some 30 sponsors/ partners and hopefully plenty of spectators.

If you cannot make it - don’t worry! You can join Strzegom Horse Trials live via our web site:



Czwartek / Thursday
Ujezdzenie / Dressage
CCI3*, CICO3-part1, CIC2*-part 1, CCI2-part 1, CIC1-part1, CCI2-part1

Piątek / Friday
Ujeżdżenie / Dressage
CICO3-part2, CIC2*-part 2, CCI2-part 2, CIC1-part2, CCI2-part2, CNC P-105 cm

Sobota / Saturday
Cross country
CIC2*, CIC1*, CNC P-105cm, CNC L-100cm
CNC L-100cm

Niedziela / Sunday
Cross country
CIC2*, CIC1*, CNC P-105cm, CNC L-100cm




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FEI Eventing Nations Cup™ Calendar 2018

 CICO 3* Vairano (ITA)   20 - 22 April 2018
 CICO 3* Houghton Hall (GBR)  25 - 27 May 2018
 CICO 3* Strzegom (POL)  29 June - 1 July 2018 / Applying New 2020 Olympic Format
 CICO 3* The Plains (USA)  6 - 8 July 2018
 CICO 3* Le Haras du Pin (FRA) 11 - 15 August 2018
 CICO 3* Millstreet (IRL) 24 - 26 August 2018 / Applying New 2020 Olympic Format
 CICO 3* Waregem (BEL) 21 - 23 September 2018
 CCIO 3* Boekelo (NED) 11 - 14 October 2018